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"The Connected Experience lab is a research group within the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University addressing social, technical, and policy issues emerging around new forms of technology supported work, communication and creative collaboration. The CoEx lab is made up of postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students passionate about understanding and designing for the challenges people face working and participating in a highly connected, data-driven society."

-- Laura Dabbish, Associate Professor


digital footprints

Digital footprints

New internet architectures will make people and their interactions more transparent to others than ever, and increase our digital footprints online.

social coding

Social coding

We are studying collaboration in socially connected open software development environments like GitHub.

algorithmic management

Algorithmic management

We are exploring the impact of algorithmic, data-driven management on human workers and work practices in the context of Uber and Lyft.


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Laura Dabbish

Associate Professor

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Fannie Liu

PhD Student

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Cori Faklaris

PhD Student

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Tianying Chen

PhD Student

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David Widder

PhD Student

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Isadora Krsek

Research Assistant

Lab Affiliates

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Maria Tomprou

Adjunct Faculty, Tepper

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Geoff Kaufman

Assistant Professor, HCII

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Hong Shen

Systems Scientist, HCII

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Daniel Klug

Systems Scientist, ISR

PhD Student Alumni

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Ruogu Kang

Facebook Research

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Sauvik Das

Georgia Tech

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Jason Tsay

IBM Research

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Jennifer Marlow


Current Research Assistants

Graduate Students and Postdocs

Undergraduate Students

Dong Yun Lee, Psychology, Fall 2019

Amrutha Palaniyappan, Economics & HCI, Fall 2019

Lab Alumni

Graduate Students and Postdocs

Prerna Chikersal, Masters Student (currently CMU HCII PhD student)

Mary Nguyen, Postdoc (currently Facebook)

Ruogu Kang, former PhD Student (currently Facebook)

Min Kyung Lee, Postdoc (currently CMLH)

Jennifer Marlow, former PhD Student (currently Google)

Tatiana Vlahovic, PhD Student (currently Udemy)

Mirae Kim, Research Assistant

Undergraduate Students

Su Bakyal, Research Assistant

Sonal Chakrasali, Research Assistant

Tiffany Chen, Research Assistant

Kaleb Crawford, Research Assistant

Monisha Gopalakrishnan, Research Assistant

Jeffrey He, Research Assistant

Daniel Kusbit, Research Assistant

Angela Liu, Research Assistant

Zachary Mullins, Research Assistant

Katherine Sutton, Research Assistant

Rebecca Wier, Research Assistant

Lois Yang, Research Assistant

Zheng Yao, Research Assistant


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